Products & Services

There is unquestionably a high and ever increasing demand for cosmetic ingredients and novel drugs from natural sources (terrestrial, marine flora etc.).  We provide a wide range of products and services to support and meet the demands of our clients in research and innovative product development.

Our products

  • Raw material
    • Standardized plant extracts (plant extracts Catalogue)
    • Essential oils (List)
  • Formulated ingredients
  • Pure reference phytochemicals


 Our services

Our aim is to become your privileged partner for research and innovation in product development (cosmetics, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals).

  • Carry out requested bibliographical and ethno-pharmacological investigation relevant to our expertise
  • Provide efficacy and analytical testing of natural ingredients (crude extracts, standardized extracts, pre-purified fractions, vegetal fats and essential oils)
  • Provide a  full microbiological profile of your cosmetic products and raw materials (Microbiological Risk Assessment)
  • Provide full microbiological testing of cosmetic products (detection and enumeration according to established certified methodologies)