Research Activities

CIDP R&I is particularly attentive to the Human – Plant relationship and via our activities, value will be added to this nexus through research and development. Since our incorporation in Mauritius in 2009, our research activity has been focused on plants and their potential application in the field of cosmetic, nutrition and therapy. 

Since ancient times, Human civilization has relied on natural resources as a source for medicines as well as cosmetics.  Since these bygone eras, the cosmetics and healthcare industries have greatly evolved from what used to be wild harvesting, simple preparation and domestic use, to vital industries that not only contribution to global GDP but also influence the lives of humans globally.  

Our research activity is focused on the investigation of the native natural resources for:

  • Identification of novel active ingredients for both the cosmetic and the pharmaceutic industry for local endemic resources.
  • Identification of Medicinal and Aromatic plants that could represent strong commercial assets.
  • Supporting in Mauritius sustainable agriculture and BioTrade in Medicinal and aromatic plants (converting raw material into high-value products).

     CIDP R&I Publications