The skin aging products occupy a major segment of skin care products. Skin aging aims at evaluating various parameters that tiggers the changes in the morphology of the skin.  The anti-wrinkles claim of a test product can be substantiated by robust clinical evaluation methods and using various instrumental techniques. 


Evaluation of the Anti-Wrinkle Efficacy of Products by:

  • Clinical Evaluation by dermatologist with the help of Photographic Scales (Roland BAZIN Atlas).
  • Digital Photographic Technique followed by Image Analysis to determine different wrinkle parameters.
  • Fringe Projection and 3D Photographic Technique to obtain 3D images of wrinkles using PRIMOS CR® or ANTERA 3D® followed by Image Analysis
  • 2D Profilometry: Skin imprints and analysis with Quantirides® software
  • Self-Assessment and Dermatological Assessment with the help of the Evalux Bench 
  • Use of Ultrasonography to obtain trans-sectional image of wrinkled skin surface and monitoring of the wrinkle evolution across time
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Evaluation of Elasticity, Firmness and Lifting of Facial Skin by:

  • Instrumental Technique: Cutometer®, Dermal Torque meter® and   Elastimeter® to measure skin elasticity or Corneometer® to measure moisture level
  • Use of Spectrophotometry Intracutaneous Analysis to determine the concentration and distribution of dermal collagen.
  • Use of the Ultrasonography to obtain trans-sectional images of the skin and determination of the thickness and structure of the collagen Layer.

Evaluation of the Anti-Sagging effect of Product by:

  • Clinical Evaluation with the help of Photographic scales (Roland BAZIN ATLAS).
  • Digital Photographic Technique: Using the Sagging Index (determined by change in position from supine to upright position)
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Evaluation of the effect of product on Under Eyes Bags and Hollow Cheeks by:

  • Clinical Evaluation with the help of Photographic Scales (Roland BAZIN Atlas)
  • Fringe Projection and 3D Photographic Technique to obtain 3D images followed by Image Analysis
  • Digital Photographic Technique followed by Image Analysis
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Multiple Lighting modes (Standard 1, Standard 2, Blue excitation, Cross-polarized, Parallel-polarized, Orange Fluorescence)


A multimodal acquisition device (cross polarization, parallel polarization, standard lighting and ultraviolet) of the same area of the skin surface.


real 3D imaging with high measurement precision, standardized lighting conditions, versatility of measurements and powerful data analysis


Advanced  3D optical imaging of the skin 

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