Exfoliation studies aims at determining the effect of the product in mechanically or chemically removing the dead skin cells making the skin softer and cleaner.  They are often coupled with anti-aging and moisturising studies. The study design can be adapted to study various qualitative or quantitative parameters of the effect of the product on skin after exfoliation.  


The qualitative measurement involved the determination of removal of corneocytes from the skin surface involves:

  • Use of the Optical Coherence Tomography and the Confocal Microscopic Technique to obtain trans-sectional image of the skin.
  • Dermascope®

The quantitative measurement involved in the determination of removal of corneocytes from the skin surface involves:

  • Use of the D-squame discs and the Quantisquam® software to determine the degree of exfoliation following treatment

The evaluation can also be coupled with instrumental evaluation using Glossymeter® ( to study the skin glow) or Corneometer® or Moisture meter D®( to study the moisture level of skin) after product use thereby ensuring that no skin damaging during the exfoliation process.