The efficacy of a product in reducing irritation after use of shaving products can be evaluated sung various techniques :

  • Dermatological Assessment of the erythema severity at different kinetics to assess cutaneous irritation
  • Digital Photographic Technique or High Resolution Dermoscopic Photographs followed  by Image Analysis
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  • Use of the Tewameter® to evaluate the effect of shaving on the skin barrier function.
  • Use of the Corneometer® or the Moisturemeter D® to evaluate the effect of shaving on skin hydration level
  • Spectrophotometric Techniques to measure the effect of shaving on skin redness skin
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High Resolution Dermoscopic Photography-Surface Evaluation of Living Skin to determine the effect of shaving on skin roughness and skin dryness. 

Hair Removing Efficacy

The efficacy of products in removing hair can be studied by evaluation of:

  • Clinical Evaluation by Dermatologist or Beautician
  • Digital Photographic Technique followed by Image Analysis at different timepoints 
  • Use of High Resolution Dermoscopic Images