Patch testing are simple routine test that can be used to determine if the product will cause any irritation or allergy upon meeting the skin.  

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24 hour Patch Test/ 48 hour Patch Test

Specialty 24 and 48 hour patch tests designed to evaluate the primary irritation potential of test materials following a single application, as well as cumulative irritation patch testing to assess allergenic potential. 

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Photosensitisation Test

To confirm the absence of photosensitisation potential of a product, after repeated application under patch and UV exposure based on clinical assessment of the cutaneous response, according to adapted method of Kaidbey and Kligman (Identification of Topical Photosensitising Agents in Humans). 

Repeat Insult Patch Test (RIPT)

Irritation/Sensitization for a wide variety of cosmetic products. 6-week test with scheduling is available upon request to determine whether or not a test material may cause an adverse reaction in contact with human skin; irritation-sensitization claims.  

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