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The tests involve the assessment of the tolerance of the cosmetic products under the supervision of medical experts for a defined duration of time. In addition, various subjective parameters such as stinging, burning and skin tightness can be evaluated using standard assessment criteria.  The tests can be tailor made for a duration of 14, 21 or 28 days.  

Under Dermatological Control

  • Test design for claims such as tested under dermatological control 
  • Test panel include sensitive skin, reactive skin, atopic and atopic history, etc… 
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Under Ophthalmological Control

  • For claims such as tested under ophthalmological control, “No Tears” or “does not sting eyes” 
  • Test panel include sensitive eyes, lens wearers, etc… 
  • Various testing methodologies such as: 

          -  Stinging test 

          -  Human Ocular eye instillation 

Under Paediatrician Control

  • For claims such as tested under paediatrician control, safe for use in children 
  • Test panel includes new-born, baby and child subjects 
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