CIDP Preclinical laboratory has developed studies on ex vivo model from human skin explants (from different ethnicities and phototypes) which are obtained from surgical waste. The ex vivo model:

  • is a viable full thickness skin (consisting of both the epidermis and dermis) that can be maintained in culture up to 5-6 days. 
  • allows to work in conditions close to the  in vivo model - human skin explants contain all cell types, resident in the skin which are capable of exerting their physiological effects on the tissue and neighbouring cells. 
  • allows an adaptable application according to the product  topically or directly in the culture medium.
Background pic
Background pic

Studies using the ex vivo model: 

  • Skin viability, irritation and corrosion
  • Whitening effect
  • antioxidant/anti free radical activity (H2O2, UV, Blue light, Pollution)
  • collagen/elastin synthesis
  • anti-ageing activity
  • anti-inflammatory
  • healing activity
  • Anti-pollution effect
  • Sun protection (High energy visible light or Blue light, Infrared, UV)
  • Wi-Fi protection