As part of our commitment to ensuring the health and safety of our staff and visitors, 10 members of our Mauritian team took part in an 18 hours first aid course during this week.

The objective of this training was to equip our team with the necessary skills and knowledge to help our staff and volunteers during emergency situations.

Some key modules which were covered during the training were how to provide assistance to someone who:
👉🏽Is unresponsive (using CPR)
👉🏽Has external bleeding
👉🏽Is in shock
👉🏽Has minor injuries
👉🏽Has suspected bone injuries (muscles and joints)
👉🏽Has suspected head and spinal injuries
👉🏽Has suspected chest Injuries
👉🏽With burns and scalds
👉🏽Has eye injuries etc….

Well done to everyone involved!👏🏽🎉