At CIDP, we propose innovative and tailor-made protocols to objectively demonstrate the potential effectiveness of cosmetic products and pharmaceuticals. We also offer our clients, guidance and editorial support for all scientific and medical writing. Our bespoke services range from:
👉STATISTICAL SUPPORT – for both research design and data analysis for publications
👉GUIDANCE – on the choice of publication/authorship requirements/good publication practices and the choice of congress
👉EDITORIAL SUPPORT – Editing, journal styling and poster design
👉THOROUGH REVIEW – Managing timelines and reviews
👉SUBMISSION – Including revisions and rebuttal
👉MARKETING – Publication to support efficacy claims on marketable products/medical devices
Get in touch to get access to our latest assisted paper, investigating the protective and anti-ageing effects of a product against environmental stressors in vitro and ex vivo, published by one of our clients in Cosmetics.

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